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Earth Day Santa Cruz 2019

April 20th, 11 am Р4 pm in San Lorenzo Park

Booth Registration

Food & Beverage Vendor Registration Form

  • Booth Space:
    10' x 10'
    Early Registration by Mar 15
    Starting Mar 16
  • MISSION: Earth Day Santa Cruz is an annual event to raise environmental awareness; address concerns; showcase solutions; and present balanced modes of living for the wellbeing of each individual, the community, and the planet. It is a day to celebrate our natural resources and to network with the community for profit and nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies who come to share their environmental message, cause, or product. This day is to educate, motivate and activate everyone that attends.
  • Acknowledgements

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  • 10' x 10' Booth Space. Each vendor is responsible for space cover/canopy, tables, chairs, signage, decorations, etc. Vendor space cannot have double vendor occupancy without prior approval for insurance purposes.
  • VEGETARIAN ONLY In an effort to expand our mission with Earth Day 2019 this year all food vendors are required to provide ONLY VEGETARIAN or VEGAN menu options. We also strongly encourage you to serve organic and locally sourced food (within 100 miles of Santa Cruz). Please indicate what you will be serving:
  • No foam containers, plastic bags, plastic cups or plastic wrap. We require that all wastes (bags, to-go containers, cups, drinking straws, etc.) generated during the event must either be recyclable or compostable. Please note that for this event, containers made from polystyrene foam (such as Styrofoam) and polylactic acid (PLA) are not considered recyclable or compostable. No bottled water in plastic bottles or single-use plastic bags are allowed to be sold or given away at the event. (Single use bags include, but are not limited to, plastic carryout bags, plastic grocery bags, food in individual plastic wrapping, bags of chips, plastic packaging for napkins and plastic packaging for to go containers.)
  • Your registration is not complete until you pay your fees. Your application will be screened for approval. Once approved we will send you a link to pay your fees via PayPal or by check to complete your registration.
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